Eventide ModFactor Modulation Effects Stompbox

The Eventide Modfactor features 10 modulation effects available in mono or stereo, including Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Polymod, TremoloPan, Undulator, Vibrato, Q-Wah, ModFilter and RingMod. With studio quality sound and extremely flexible control options, you may never need another modulation effects pedal. 10 knobs provide instant real-time control of all the most commonly adjusted parameters, and optional controls via MIDI or expression pedal keep the full power of the Modfactor within easy reach.

25 of Eventide's best Modulation effects

Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, TremoloPan, Vibrato, Q-Wah, Rotary, ModFilter, Undulator, Ring Modulator

Instrument or line level inputs and outputs

Futureproof: USB for software upgradeability

Expressive effects: Continuous control of any and all parameters through MIDI, external footswitch, or Expression pedal input

  • Eventide ModFactor Modulation Effects Stompbox
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